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‚ÄčHeavy equipment spanners, bridge spanners, rail spanners, dock spanners. Yard King spanners will quickly and easily  enhance your bottom line. Uniquely engineered to each customer's application, and available in any length or weight capacity. Yard King spanners and special dock boards are economical, safe, and easy to install.

Yard King spanners, as all of our products, are P.E. designed and certified. They are super strong and long lasting. If ever there was a product that pays for itself, this is it. Designed to deploy immediately and be removed quickly, our spanners are a good fit for any application where a bridge is not feasible, to span rail lines, underground utilities, drainage ditches, building mechanical raceways, construction site gaps, utility tunnels, and loading dock areas with height mismatch problems or surface mechanicals to be bridged. Don't let these situations slow your company down. Deploy our spanners and get moving again.

Heavy Equipment Spanner, Bridge Spanners

80,000 lb. capacity, 12 ft. wide

40 ft. long spanner system

Heavy Equipment Spanners and Bridge Spanners for construction and military equipment like dozers, loaders, excavators, heavy trucks and many others. These heavy duty spanners can be built in ANY length and capacity, up to 200,000 lbs. Extremely strong, yet easy to deploy, these spanners can be equipped with a heavy duty steel, cleated surface or an all oak panel wood surface for steel tracked equipment. Attention U.S. Military customers, load or deploy that M1A1, Hemmet, or Humvee in the toughest conditions quickly and easily. We can help you!

Truck Spanners, Rail Spanners
20,000 lb. cap. 3 foot x 6 foot rail spanners

These sleek, light, high quality aluminum spanners are designed to be handled by one or two people and meet the U.S. Military requirements for load ratings and ergonomics. Load equipment or goods from truck bed to truck bed, ground to truck bed, Rail car to Rail car, or container to container. These aluminum spanners have many uses and can be equipped and built to order with many possible configurations and options.

Dock Spanners, Special Dock Boards
30,000 lb. cap, 7 foot x 8 foot dock spanner
60,000 lb. cap.5 foot x 10 foot special dock board

Need something special for your loading dock? Are you damaging average dock boards with your heavy loads? Do you need to carry these loads from one height to another safely and securely? Choose a Yard King Dock Spanner. Built to order in any width, length and weight capacity that you may need, these will be the longest lasting, hardest working, most productive dock boards that you have ever used. As with all Yard King products, our Spanners and Special Dock Boards are designed, engineered and manufactured right here in Cadillac, Michigan, U.S.A.


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